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Nancy with surfboard

Nancy Haddock writes Beach Books with Bite!

I'm a formerly landlocked writer, now letting life flow with the tides in the Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida ... and on the beaches of Anastasia Island. Since living near the ocean feeds my soul, I enjoy a richer fantasy life than ever. And, hey, being surrounded by nearly 450 years of history, a thriving artistic community, and more ghosts than you can shake an EMF meter at, it's no wonder I feel new heights of creativity. I'm even learning to paint... and I don't mean with a nine-inch roller!

Was I always a writer? Yes and no. I wrote and enacted stories from the time I can remember, but I was also a teacher and still adore the excitement of teaching. I grew up in Sapulpa and Tulsa, Okalahoma, attended high school in Tulsa (Go Comets!), and received both my Bachelor and Master's degrees in Education/ Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Tulsa. I also lived in the Dallas area for many years, and taught a variety of subjects at a private high school there.

What inspires me? Besides the joy of living in my corner of paradise, I find story ideas in odd moments - snippets of conversation, people watching, absorbing the energy of locations. Inspiration can smack me upside the head, or merely sneak up and snag my imagination. I have a special fascination for Greece, Spain, the British Isles, and all things Polynesian, and am saving airline miles to travel more often.

What grabs my attention? Dark chocolate, garage sales, and "Surf's up!"

What are my loves? Besides my phenomenal family and friends, that would be books, movies, writing books and movies, music, dancing and sailing ...and more books! And I'm learning to surf again! Cowabunga!

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