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Beach Party

Surf's Up!

Cowabunga, dudes and honeys, and welcome to Cesca's Beach Party with sun, sand and surfing! Our Gidget with Fangs may have waited a wicked long time to learn the sport, but you can get a crash course in surf lingo here. Ooooh, and keep these in mind, because future contests will feature the terms Cesca uses in the books!

Short Board - A surfboard about 6 feet long.

Longboard - A surfboard 7-9 feet long or longer.

Face-of-the-Wave - The front part of the wave, the one facing the beach that surfers ride.

Line-up - Place in the water where the wave breaks. Surfers "line up" there and wait for the perfect wave.

Drop In - A drop-in surfer catches a wave where he / she does not have priority, i.e., where there is already a surfer on the wave. This is a crime in the surf world.

Kook - One term for a novice surfer who might commit the dreaded drop-in!

Onshore - The wind is blowing toward the land. This spoils the waves.

Offshore - The wind is blowing off the shore. This makes for ideal surfing conditions.

Wipe out - Falling off your board. Other terms are donut, mullering, eating it and pounding.

Endless Summer - The classic surfing movie.

Where's Cesca?

Why, Cesca's living her next adventure!

And, since it's a quiet time for festivals in St. Augustine, I'm taking a Where's Cesca contest break. Instead, I'll be drawing names from among my newsletter subscribers to award bookstore gift cards.

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The Where's Cesca contest will return in a few months, so watch the newsletter for a notice, or check back on the Beach Party page at your leisure! Meantime, love strong, and party on with Beach Books with Bite!

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